Qualifications are key to building a successful career and gaining access to some of Australia’s most sought-after jobs.
The process for achieving a qualification can be challenging but with Certified Australia, we make the process easy.

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Free Skills Assessment

Certified Australia is proud to offer a Free Skills Assessment. The assessment will help you understand if you hold the requirements needed for a specific qualification.

Portfolio of Experience

Our staff members will help you throughout the processes from start to end. This includes help compiling your portfolio of work evidence from previous work, photos, videos, reference letters or even other national or international qualifications.

Evidence Review

Once you have your evidence compiled, our information is passed on to our RTO’s for further assessment. If you further evidence or information is required, our staff members will contact you.

You’re Qualified

You’re qualified! You will be provided with a nationally recognised Australian qualification. The qualifications you receive are the same you would receive from full time study.

Take our free skills assessment to find out if your prior learning or experience is enough to help you achieve a nationally recognised qualification through our partner RTOs.

All qualifications are awarded by our partner RTO’s

Take The Free Skills Assessment To Get Started



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All qualifications are nationally recognised and issued by our partner RTOs and Colleges for approval. 

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